Purple Rain Yerba Maté – 14oz btl

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Our Purple Rain is flavored with Asian Organic Butterfly Pea Flowers lending a Blue Hue to the Mate that turns Purple as we add Organic Lemon to the brew. Indigenous cultures ascribe various qualities to  the flower (Clitoria ternatea) including memory enhancing, anti-stress and relaxing properties, … so, It’s good for the Blues.

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640px-Clitoria_ternatea_butterfly_pea_flower_Kambalakonda_VisakhapatnamButterfly pea buds themselves have a subdued flavor similar to a slightly more herbal black tea, but the plant primarily functions as a natural dye that’s subtle in flavor but bold in visual pop. The flowers are most famously used to make a traditional Thai welcome tea known as dok anchan, which hotels there frequently serve to travelers upon their arrival.


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