We at Yerba Project are committed to Maitrī, unconditional loving kindness and friendship. To us this means #resisting divisive and hateful speech or actions no matter who is committing them. It is also our belief that remaining silent in our current political climate is equivalent to being complicit. Silence is an act of acceptance, approval, and agreement with the status quo.

We are not a political organization with an agenda but rather we feel like we must #resist the politicization of the human relationship for personal or financial gain. We can do this by standing up for fundamental human values and by remembering what we all have in common.  We will #resist being mislead by fear, power, and lies. 

In the presence of dehumanizing actions it is important that we all speak up in the name of unconditional loving kindness and friendship for our brothers and sisters from all corners of the earth.

So please, wear your #RESIST button proudly and spread Maitrī.