Yerba Maté Cocktails

Yerba Maté Cocktails

The Double Minted Maté Julep

The mint julep is a mixed alcoholic drink, or cocktail, consisting primarily of Kentucky bourbon, water, crushed or shaved ice, and fresh mint. As a bourbon-based cocktail, it is associated with the Kentucky Derby in particular.

Our version is , of course, made with our Yerba Project – Double Minted Yerba Maté.

Yerba Project – Double Minted Maté

So here is our Yerba Project MINT JULEP:


  • Take 10 mint leaves and mash them into the bottom of a pint glass or into the Traditional Silver Kentucky Derby Cup (The mint step is optional when using our Double Minted Maté but you can knock yourself out in the name of tradition!)
  • Fill a Mixing (pint) Glass with Crushed Ice
  • Fill 2/3 glass with Yerba Project, Double Minted Maté (no need for the traditional sugar as our Maté is slightly sweetened with Organic Blue Agave)
  • add 2 ounce Kentucky Bourbon & garnish with a sprig of Mint!
  • Slowly sip the Julep before and during the race, … then, down it when your horse looses. Repeat.

The Hibiscus Maté Margarita

IMG_2622The margarita cocktail was the “Drink of the Month” in Esquire magazine, December 1953, pg. 76

Here is our recipe loosely based on the original:
  • Fill a Mixing (pint) Glass with Ice
  • Fill the 2/3 glass with Yerba Project, Hibiscus Maté
  • add 2 ounce tequila
  • squeeze Juice of 1/2 lime
  • Dash of Triple Sec
  • Rub the rim of a stem glass or Rocks Glass with rind of lemon or lime, spin in salt (the rim of the glass may or may not be salted, according to your preference)
  • Shake and pour Straight up or on the Rocks and Garnish with a wheel of Lime
  • Pour,  stir.and sip.


The Maté Sour

  • Fill a Rocks Glass with Ice
  • Fill the 2/3 glass with Yerba Project, Lemon Maté
  • a add a Shot of your favorite Scotch Whisky
  • a splash Grenadine
  • Shake and pour Straight up or on the Rocks with a Lemon Slice Garnish

Manolo Pisco

  • Fill a Pint Glass with Ice
  • Fill 2/3 glass withYerba Project, Switchel  Maté
  • a add a Shot of Pisco (the Brandy of Peru)
  • Splash with Club Soda and a squeeze of lime, stir
  • Garnish with a slice of green Apple

Chonburi Nights – A Thai inspired Cooler

  • In a pint glass, muddle half a lime
  • Fill the Pint Glass with Ice
  • Pour 2/3 glass of Yerba Project, Purple Rain
  • a add a Shot of your favorite Cachaça or Light Rum
  • Stir
  • Garnish with Lime (and a Butterfly Pea Flower if you have it)

Dark and StormyMaté

More to come, …